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(photo credit: G. Pisano) On Hardball tonight, Chris Matthews interviewed ex-CIA Deputy Director (and Acting Director) under George W. Bush, Michael Morrell. Here is a ...
by ericlewis0
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(illustration courtesy of Mad Magazine) In case you didn't yet know Cheney was recklessly incompetent. From firstlook.org : When presented with an actual terror threat – the one that ...
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It was late 2012, on a week day, about 5:00am. I’d just sent my husband out the door with his lunch and was brewing myself a cup of tea to enjoy in front of the odious "Morning Joe," when he ...
by SninkyPoo
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From senate.sanders.gov : Bernie Sanders on Wednesday introduced legislation to break up the nation’s biggest banks in order to safeguard the economy and prevent another costly taxpayer bailout.
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(photo credit: Doug Mills, NYT) From The Guardian : Barack Obama has secured support from Gulf leaders for his attempt to reach a nuclear deal with Iran as a summit outside Washington ...
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A large number of electric utilities across the country are famously engaged in a war against customer-owned solar . Using policy barriers, “standby” charges and other tactics, utilities from ...
by Ivy Main
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A neoconservative hypothetical: What if Mecca and Karbala are nuked by their respective fundamentalists, noting that Israel could be a variable in this tip-for-tap exchange. Sidney Lumet and ...
by annieli
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From The New Yorker, May 18, 2015: On May 16th, three Christian pacifists—Gregory Boertje-Obed, a sixty-year-old housepainter; Michael Walli, a Vietnam veteran in his early sixties; and Sister ...
by twocrows1023
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My Grandpa Avery was a soft spoken man. He stood 6-feet-2 with eyes so blue. He believed in honor and duty, too, and when he returned Home on the Battleship Texas from WWI, the family never heard a ...
by Leah Sellers
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Speculation includes the opinion this is not a significant loss for ISIS /Daesh simply because removing the head may not alter the pace of operations. The US says its special forces have killed ...
by annieli
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• Dept of Defense : Climate change will affect the Department of Defense's ability to defend the Nation and poses immediate risks to U.S. national security . • ...
by jamess
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Former Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL) said some pretty remarkable things while he was campaigning in New Hampshire. Pretty remarkable because it calls into question even the conversation that Climate ...
by AtheistDadOf1
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So government spying on Americans and collecting their phone data to be searched later as needed is so vital to America's security that when Edward Snowden revealed the program it was claimed he put ...
by Th0rn
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Minority Leader Harry Reid is promising to give ol' ...
by Kerry Eleveld
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Yep, we need 10,000 to 20,000 more "necessary enablers" from a group created by the Bush administrations along with all that de-Baathification, awakening, and ...
by annieli
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Well according to this Super Pac, who's goal is to address "greatest challenge facing ours and future generations," that Guy -- Senator Bernie Sanders -- is pretty darn Green. How Bernie Sanders ...
by jamess
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Like a National ID card , some items common to other Western democracies seem problematic to American exceptionalists, but given the rise in regional and local police violence against unarmed ...
by annieli
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Sen. Lindsey Graham announced today on CBS this Morning that he is going to climb into the clown car June 1st. in the interview in revealed that he will be bringing his foreign policy skills along.
by windsong01
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Today, 40 years after the American war in Vietnam ended in ignominious defeat, the traces of that terrible conflict are disappearing. Traveling through Vietnam during the latter half of April ...
by Lawrence S Wittner
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Overview : Surveillance of oppressed groups and so-called undesirables has been a tenet of America's heritage. Slave patrols and infiltration made ...
by jpmassar
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